13 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Chinese Crested Dogs

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It has always been said don’t judge a book by its cover, and yes The Chinese crested dog breeds is living proof that you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, this dog is called  Crested,  and  it’s more than just the stereotypical ‘ugly dog, that the real beauty is just having a four-legged friend which is able to read your mind and will lie in bed for hours without moving a muscle, To calm you down and make you feel happy even in the most stressful situations.

And believe or not, China which is really famous for dragons, panda and many more animals became now a dog’s lover, and now It is now very common for Chinese families to have this breed in their homes in spite of the strict regulations of the government, so  if you are looking for a fluffy, hairless, and sociable lovely pet, you can be sure Chinese crested breed will be your first option , and I promise all of you . Once this breed falls in love with you, you’ll have a little stalker on your hands and your dog will be eternally, thoroughly devoted.

So now let’s now dig a little deeper to know everything you need to know about this breed.

They Look Like African Dogs

Chinese crested dogs 1

Some experts believe that this breed is just a smaller version of the African hairless dog, so it is believable that hairless dogs from Africa are believed to be the ancestors of the Chinese Crested.

How They Became Popular In The States

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This breed’s popularity was grown in the United States in the 1900s, it became like a main steam and captured the imagination after stage performer, author, actress, and playwright Gypsy Rose Lee acquired one of them.

This Breed Is A Rat ‘s Hunter

Chinese crested dogs 3

Well, this breed was used as a ratting dog to hunt rat on the Chinese ships, and this because rats in these times were carrying a lot of diseases.

They Live For A Long Time

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Good news, you will enjoy many years with your four-legged lovely friend as the Chinese crested has a lifespan of 12 to 13 years.

They Have A Friendly Personality

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This breed is a wonderful family dog that is playful, affectionate, and endearing. It fills his owners’ lives with love, laughter, and entertainment, in addition to being friendly with kids and even other pets, and this breed isn’t usually aggressive.

They Don’t Have Health Problems And Concerns

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Chinese Crested dogs don’t have many health concerns, but there is a possibility of developing the risk of some illness including Prone to overeating, Sunburn and skin irritations especially for hairless dogs, Tooth decay for hairless ones as well, in addition to allergies.

Moreover, this breed is social and needy, the Chinese crested can suffer from separation anxiety, which can lead to barking and destructive habits.

Their Price

Chinese crested dogs 8

The price of Chinese Crested puppies is between $400 to $600.

Physical Traits

Chinese crested dogs 9

This breed ranges in weight from five to 12 pounds and stand from nine to 13 inches at the shoulder; it has soft and silky hair on the tail, lower legs, feet, and crest, and Unlike in most canine breeds, this double coat is unique because the undercoat is much shorter than the overcoat, in addition, this breed comes in a wide variety of colors, from light hues like apricot, palomino, and cream to darker shades like chocolate, black, and blue.

They Are Quite Breed

Chinese crested dogs 10

This breed is famous for not being a yappy dog. It tends to be quiet around the house, but be aware this dog won’t hesitate to bark to alert you of potential intruders, this dog as well as a distinctive howl that you may hear when it feels excited or happy.

They Love Jumping

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This breed loves jumping, digging, and climbing. Don’t make the common mistake of underestimating its athletic abilities just because this breed is  small, so we can say that this dog actually excel at agility competitions, in addition, this breed is  described as “cat-like;” it enjoys sitting in high places, like on the arm of a chair or on the back of a couch or a sofa.

They Are Great For Being A Movie Star

Chinese crested dogs 12

This breed’s small size makes it a great dog to carry around.  And if you remember a movie called “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days,” Kate Hudson carries a Chinese Crested in her bag, and The Olsen twins also had a Crested co-star in “New York Minute as well.

Their Activities

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Quick daily walks and play-sessions are good ways to give this small breed the exercise and bonding time that is needed to burn its energy off.  As an owner, you need to make sure to keep the dog leashed when outside; as you will see you small four-legged friend chasing small animals that get too near.

Some Protective Precautions

Chinese crested dogs 14

Make sure to apply a coat of sunscreen on your dog skin, also you can also use shirts and other protective clothing to keep your Chinese crested skin safe from the sun’s harmful rays, as this breed ‘s skin is very very sensitive.

You need to remember that after bathing your hairless Crested, use have to a mild cleanser on its skin and follow up with a coat of hypoallergenic lotion to moisturize, in case if your pet is sunburned, an oatmeal bath or some aloe vera will do wonders in soothing the pain.

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