A Full Guide To Dog’s Pregnancy: How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

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Oh dear, I guess our dog is pregnant, whether you have a female dog who is not spayed, you will get used to hearing this sentence, and after then you are going to ask yourself what do we do now? we are going to have baby puppies everywhere.

And of course one of the most common questions you are going to ask yourself is how long dogs pregnant are?

So the question here. Are you ready for the pregnancy and gestation of your dog?  Are you aware of everything regarding your dog’s pregnancy? If the answer is no, then here is the help, So, let’s talk a bit more about dog gestation periods and canine pregnancy in general.

How To Check If My Dog Is Pregnant?

Dog got pregnant

So, first you need to know when and how to say that your female dog is pregnant, well, it is difficult to determine whether a dog is pregnant without veterinary diagnostics, especially in the early stages, so there are four common methods used by veterinarians to determine if a dog is pregnant including:


  • Ultrasound: This is considered the best way to determine if your dog is pregnant or not, this way also helps to determine if the fetus is alive or not.
  • Palpation: This is the most convenient and cheapest way to determine if your dog is pregnant or not, and this method involves using your hands to determine whether your dog is pregnant or not.
  • X-ray: This way may be a more reliable way for a vet to check if the dog is pregnant or not, and to determine how many puppies the pregnant dog may have.
  • Hormone tests: This test is also a good way to determine if a dog is pregnant, but remember that using this test too early can produce a false result.


So now you have to follow the next step, if you get an okay from your vet that your female dog is pregnant, so you need to know about the pregnancy period and how long it may last.

Well, so it is crucial to know that pregnancy happens about once every six months, as, a female dog will be receptive to males starting at about 9 days into the heat cycle, and they may get pregnant any time over the course of the next three to eleven-day, generally female healthy

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

Dog pregnancy

Dogs are pregnant for usually from 60 to 65 days, which is exactly about 9 weeks, however, some dog’s pregnancy may last for 70 days, I guess all women now will envy dogs, just if women could carry babies for such a short time!.

Generally, there are about three dog pregnancy stages in the dog gestation period before birth. Which are:

Dogs Pregnancy Stages

Dogs pregnancy 2

  • Stage one: from week one to week four, you will notice that your dog’s vulva remains swollen and her mammary glands will enlarge and the color will get darker,also your dog appetite will decrease, as she will go off food for some time, in addition, you will realize that your dog will be quieter because of experiencing morning sickness.
  • Stage two: From week four to week 6, your dog’s belly size will increase, and she is going to gain more weight which is normally up to 20%, besides morning sickness vomiting, and finally your dog appetite may increase a little bit as you will add 25% more food to her mealtime.
  • Stage three: The final stage which lasts from week six to week nine, during this step you will realize some symptoms including Swollen abdomen, a transparent fluid will come out from the nipples, besides suffering from a restless behavior, in addition, the female dog will start to look for a safe place to deliver her puppies.


Be aware that if you noticed changes in her behavior and a drop in her temperature. This indicates that she will give birth to her puppies with 12 to 24 hours, so be very well prepared

How To Care A Pregnant Dog?

Care pregnant dog

So it is also crucial to take a good care of your dog during her pregnancy and you must serve to her a high quality of food, as she should be on a well-balanced diet, you should make sure that her food is high in fatty acids, It will be great as well to offer her smaller, more frequent meals, as the food consumption may double, because of the growing babies will occupy more and more space in the abdomen.

What Happens To A Dog In Labor?

Pregnant Doggy

Regarding giving birth, the first pup should be born within 1 to 2 hours of contractions commencing, and she usually rests between pups and the time can range from fifteen minutes to an hour, but if your dog’s labor takes longer than 24 hours or if more than two hours pass in between puppies, you need to call your vet as soon as possible, as these are the signs of serious birthing complications, which is threating both the mother and puppies’ lives.

And after giving birth to all her babies, your dog will settle down peacefully, you will notice also that her breathing will become calm and remember that she should be kept quiet to feed clean her pups, and take a time to rest and relax.

So finally, welcoming a group of adorable small puppies into their new world and home can be a wonderful experience, but make sure you’re prepared to care for mom through her pregnancy and know exactly what to do, in order  to avoid anything go wrong, as dealing with the pregnant dog, takes lots of effort on your part as you not only have to nurture the mother but the litter as well.

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