How much Exercise Does Your Dog Need? Keep Your Dog Fit and Healthy

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We often think of exercise only as a health issue, for us or for our four-legged family member but it has significant day-to-day effects on our dog’s behavior as well, Whether you have a large dog, small dog, puppy, your dog should exercise in some form or fashion on a daily basis As Dogs have a lot of energy, so if they don’t get the chance to burn it off, destructive behavior or health issues  may be  the result.

Some research results showed that one of the most commonly asked questions by dog owners these days from that exciting time when they first decide to welcome a dog into their homes is, “How much exercise does a dog need? Especially when there are very busy and stuck between busy work schedules and family responsibilities.

Things To Do With Your Dog

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if you are a dog owner, and  you feel guilty that your pet doesn’t get enough time with you, so in this article we will reveal your  dog activity suggestions based on your pup’s breed and age, and how to exercise your dog even if you’re short on time, in addition to why you should exercise your dog daily, what can happen if you don’t, and helpful tips for starting an exercise plan with your puppy, so don’t waste your time and check this out ASAP.

First of all, we need to know in detail the benefits of exercise for dogs, so big or small, young or old, dogs need to exercise daily, exercise is important both mentally and physically. In terms of your dog’s mental health, exercise is a great solution for boredom and can put an end to anxiety and restlessness in your dog. It is also great for a solution for dog’s bad and aggressive and destructive behavior, in addition introducing your dog to a new game will keep your dog alert, don’t need to mention that it’s a great way to bond with your dog and is fun too.

And regarding the physical terms, Exercise tones a dog’s muscles help the body and metabolic system to function properly,  also It’s key to fighting obesity, which can shorten your pet’s lifespan by up to two and half year.

How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Every day?

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The amount of exercise and level of intensity your dog needs depends on age, breed, and your dog’s physical condition. As your dog develops from puppy to adult, its exercise needs will change as well.

So for, regarding small and baby dogs, a good rule is a ratio of five minutes of exercise per month of age which can be twice a day until the puppy is full-grown, , so let’s say a  15 minutes exercise  twice a day when the dog is about  three months old,  and around 20 minutes when the dog is  four months old, and these kind of exercises and games can include Swimming, ball games, in addition to short walks , and all of these  are great forms of small dog and  puppy exercise.

So in terms of adult dogs, it has always been said that they require at least 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise daily, and some of these activities and games may include hiking, relay-race games, and playdates.

Senior Dog Exercise

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Then it’s the time to talk about senior dogs, which also need some exercises as well, dogs are like us humans, so when we age, we often aren’t able to maintain the pace we once enjoyed. So when our senior dogs get older they should be taken on a walk, and these walks should shorten in length and be taken at a slower pace to keep the body working as it should.

Even dogs that use specially equipped wheelchairs can still enjoy a walk through the neighborhood, and can even take part in water activities.

Dog Exercise Needs By Breed

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Another point we should consider regarding how much a dog needs to exercise is the dog’s breed, so we need to know that some active breeds need roughly 60-90 minutes of daily exercise to maintain their health, giant breeds are known to be less active and need daily exercise time from 30 to 45 minutes.

The smaller breeds which generally have only moderate exercise needs with a daily walk of 20 to 30 minutes, beside breeds which are used in hunting, she should be getting at least 30 minutes of rigorous exercise along with her one to two hours of daily activity.

Best Place to Exercise Your Dog

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Then, what are the spaces and places which fit in dog exercises, so dog owners have a lot of alternatives including walk times in the local parks, dog parks, or even the beach, or you may include some indoor activities in your apartment.


So now what are the consequences of not exercising your dog, first of all, your dog may suffer from obesity which contributes to a dog’s risk of diabetes, respiratory disease, heart disease, and bone and joint problems, in addition to some mental and behavioral serious issues.

And now it’s time to reveal some beneficial tips:

  • First, consult your vet before starting your dog’s exercise.
  • Second, start your dog exercise routine, start out slowly
  • Third, don’t forget that mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise
  • Fourth, give your dog new toys in order to keep them from getting bored
  • Fifth, avoid exercising in adverse conditions, like supper hot or very snowy and cold weather


Last but not least, be aware that when a dog’s body isn’t well conditioned, sudden bursts of activity can cause injuries that lead to long-term joint damage.

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