How To Know If Your Dog Is Blind?

How To Know If Your Dog Is Blind
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Owning and adopting a pet or a dog considered to be a very huge responsibility, and sadly unlike us humans two-legged folks, a dog cannot tell or describe when something is bothering it, that’s why as your responsibility as a pet parent and a dog owner, You have to examine your dog regularly, and one of these checkups is to examine and check your dog’s eyes.

How Can I Tell If My Dog Has Impaired Vision?

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Needless to say that,  It can be a very difficult mission to know and determine if your dog vision is starting to deteriorate, moreover, In many cases,  it has been shown that owners didn’t even realize that their dogs are having vision issues until up they became blind.

What Causes Blindness In Dogs?

It is important to mention that blindness occurs in many dogs spices, in addition,  it may be common to see blindness in elderly dogs, as, the dog’s body naturally begins a progressive shutdown towards the final years of the old dog’s life, so the challenge here is your ability as a dog owner and pet parent to consider and spot the changes and developments with the dog’s eyes, and this can tell you if something is happening regarding your dog’s eyes.

A very important point that needs to be considered as well, which is if you have a blind dog, you need to know that dogs the inability to see doesn’t mean they can’t have fulfilling and joyful lives.

Loss Of Vision In Dogs

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So, if you are worried about if your dog is blind or not, calm down, no worries, this article is for you, as in this topic we will dig a little deeper to cover and focus in if your dog is losing its eyesight or not, by revealing the symptoms and signs that you should look out for, so that you can know if your dog is blind or not, in addition to getting your dog the help that it needs if its eyesight begins to fail .. so let’s get started and keep reading this.

First of all, let reveal the causes of the dog’s blindness.

Causes Of Blindness In Dogs

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  • Well, it has been found in many studies that dog’s blindness or vision loss in dogs can take place as a result of aging, birth defects, or injury as well, moreover, it can be also as a result of side effect of another illness that may include the following heart disease, liver, or kidney disease as well as diabetes.
  • It is crucial as well to mention that dogs may suffer from Cataracts, and this is a condition into which the dog’s transparent lens turns cloudy, and this may lead to preventing light from reaching the retina, and cause partial or total blindness, regarding the causes of this case, this case can be inherited or caused by infections, injury, and other diseases like what we mentioned above.
  • In addition, dogs can suffer from many serious cases that may affect their eyes like Progressive Retinal Atrophy and  Suddenly Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome, and both these cases affect both eyes, but they are not painful.
  • Moreover, there are some other conditions and diseases that affect dogs’ eyesight and vision, and this may include high blood pressure, along with, epilepsy, tumors, heart, liver, and kidney diseases.

So now, it is the time to focus on the signs and symptoms of dog’s blindness, first, there are some physical signs and symptoms that you need to consider and look for them, and these may include the following :

Signs Of Blindness In Dogs

Fuzziness on the eye, which is considered to be small cloudy spots that you can find located on the surface of the eyeball, rubbing eyes constantly, blurriness, in addition to, inflammation or changes in eyes color, along with lacrimation, purulent discharge, inability to move or exercise in the same way as it did before, pupil dilation, delayed response to bright lights, and bloodshot eyes.

So, what should be done in order to avoid this case is the most important point that should be taken into consideration.

How To Deal With Loss of Vision in Dogs?

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  • First of all, you need to clean and keep your dog’s eyes clean, and this should be done by using a wet cotton ball or soft cloth with fresh, clean water, you need as well trim any longer hair around your dog’s eyes as, these hairs are causing irritation, infection, or even blindness.
  • You need as well to check in with your vet, as soon as possible,  if you notice anything unusual, and of course, you need to skip and stay away from anything in your dog’s eye without consulting a vet.

How To Deal With A Blind Dog And How Can We Treat A Blind Dog?

In this point, we will consider some point in  order to train a blind dog, and this may include the following :

  • Consider a trusted friend to your blind dog to be its guide, you can as well use various and different kinds of surface textures that may make it easier for a blind dog to know where it is in the home, in addition, you have to feed in the same place and kindly you have to skip and avoid moving food and water dishes around, along with avoiding and skipping to rearrange your homes’ furniture, and this is because moving furniture around makes it harder for a blind dog to learn where it is in the home.
  • Moreover, you have to use bells if you have another pet, so you can place the bells in their collars, and of course, if you have a blind dog, you have to avoid using hand signals.
  • Regarding treating blindness in dogs, this can be determined,    after  receiving the vet’s  diagnosis, and in this case, you will know whether the blindness in your dog can be treated or not

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