Can Dogs Eat Avocados? Yes or No?

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As the weather is turner warmer or colder according to the season, our dietary needs begin to change, and often or meals can include some seasonal fruits and vegetables.

With more seasonal foods at home, you might find yourself want to share some foods with your four-legged friends, so Avocados can be found in most kitchens, and this is because they are one of the trendiest health foods on the market.

Can Dogs Have Avocados?

Avocados For Dogs

So if you are a dog owner, you may fail to resist your dog’s eyes begging you to have a slice of your fresh avocado salad, and then you may feel panic, after remember that this food may be toxic to your dog, so before you even start believing in this myth, calm down, as we will reveal the answer about the relationship between dogs and avocado, so take a deep breath, and continue reading.

So if you begin to research about if it is okay to serve your dog an avocado or not, you will get a good mix of yeses and nos, so if you need a sharp answer, yes dogs can eat avocado flesh.


The Benefits of Avocados for Dogs

Avocado poisonius

Well, first we need to mention some avocado benefits, avocado contains substances that help to improve the glossiness of your dog’s coat and support skin health as well, Avocado also is rich in raw fat which is ideal for your dog’s health and fight any kind of inflammation. Moreover, avocado is filled with  an enzyme responsible for breaking down fat, in addition to be stuffed with the antioxidants that  may support the immune system of your dog, another important bonus is that avocado also has a higher level of potassium than other fruits such as bananas, and it contains oleic acid which not only has anti-cancer properties but is great for the heart health.

Avocados Side Effects For Dogs

Avocado good for dogs

On the other hands, avocado may have some side effects which can harm your dog, and one of the avocado’s potential problems is the amount of fats that it contains, that can trigger pancreatitis, which can be a severe and even a life-threatening problem if it consumed too much on a regular basis.

Another detrimental problem regarding avocado is that it contains is something called persin, which is considered to be poison for dogs, and it has been found that if a pet eats a large amount of this substance this may lead to gastrointestinal irritation and vomiting in dogs.

Are Avocados Poisonous to Dogs?

Poisonous avocados

So here what should be done if your dog ate too much avocado? Well first of all you need to calm down and don’t panic, , it’s always a good idea to watch them for 24-48 hours, if you the dog suffered from vomit or have diarrhea, you have to serve little sips of water, and let your dog out to relieve himself , then it will be important for you dog to recover and rest.

Can Dogs Eat Avocado Seeds?

Avocado Seed

But if you realized that your dog consumed an avocado’s seeds or leaves, you need to contact the vet as soon as possible and remember that the sooner you can have your dog treated, the sooner you will feel progress.

So if you decided to feed your dog an avocado after taking an okay from  your vet that it is safe for your dog to eat avocado you need to first train your dog to eat only the flesh of the avocado, and not any of the leaves, skin, pit, or stem that may be attached to the fruit, as these are NO NO no.

How to Serve Avocados to Your Dog?

Serve avocado for dogs

You need also to prepare the avocado well, first by serving only fresh and clean one, so cut the avocado in half with a sharp knife, remove the seed, and by using poon and carefully scoop out the bright green flesh of the avocado, and let your puppy enjoy its treat.

You can as well, mix some mashed avocado flesh with your dog dry or wet food, Start with smaller amounts of avocado to make sure your dog does not have any negative side effects from it, especially if your dog has never eaten any before.

Consider the avocado a treat for rare occasions it should never become a permanent, main item in your dog’s diet, so be aware of this.

So a final word, It’s better to be safe than sorry, so If you have concerns about fruits, vegetables and other human’s foods that you ate thinking about serving to your four-legged friend ,so kindly make sure to discuss the idea first with your vet to avoid any accidental poisoning or any serious digestive  issues that may happen to your  pet , as  there are numerous human’s foods that have proven to be toxic to our pet.

Can You Feed Your Dog Avocados? Yes Or No?

So regarding , avocado , yes you can feed your dog some avocado flesh slices, and remember that only flesh which is allowed, and don’t give a lot of thought regarding the myth of the avocado’s toxicity that  has prevented you from feeding yourself and your four-legged  friend this nutritious fruit, so feel free to share some avocado slices with your dog, but you have to do this in moderation and occasional basis, so again please overdo this.

Last but not least, make sure to monitor your dog after consuming avocado. And if you’re feeling worried, or realize that your dog is not feeling well,  don’t hesitate to give your vet a call to make sure they will be alright, and if you wanna be on the safe side, and follow safe is better than sorry approach, so  it’s best not to take the risk and serve avocado to your dog

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