Can Dogs Eat Broccoli Stems?

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli
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2019 is about to end, and we are getting ready to welcome a new year, so if your New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier but still tasty food, we have some good news yes you have load of healthy and tasty foods that you can enjoy consuming, but hey if you own a furry pet, it can be awful and hard to enjoy your dinner when you’re being watched. With every bite you will have, you can feel a certain set of eyes staring, and staring, and staring…. Those eyes are of course with no doubt, your furry four-legged friend’s eyes.

It is important as well to be aware of the fact that, just like humans, dogs have daily nutritional requirements, and also some fruits and vegetables can be powerhouses of goodness for our dogs, and some can be toxic.

Vegetables Fit For Dogs


So if your fan is a vegetable’s fan, you may ask yourself what kind of veggies may your dog be able to safely eat? , can my dog eat broccoli, for example, this unique and super beneficial vegetable?  It is usually amazing and awesome feeling to enjoy your dinner when your loved one, your loyal furry best friend.

So, if you are Looking for a healthy snack you can share with your puppy, In this article we are going to consider the if your dog can eat this beneficial vegetable, in addition, We will share how much broccoli a dog can safely eat and also how best to serve it to our furry four-legged family member, so keep reading this xoxo.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli?

Dog and Broccoli

So the first question is, is it okay for dogs to eat broccoli? The answer is yes, dog can safely eat it, as broccoli isn’t necessarily poisonous to dogs, but it should only be fed in very small amount and of course in moderation.

The Benefits Of Broccoli For Dogs

Dog Eat Broccoli

Well, first of all, broccoli is low in fat, also it is a good source of a variety of vitamins such as A, C, and K, also it is high in fiber and anti-oxidants that fights chronic diseases. Also, it helps slow down the aging process especially in old dogs and improve the digestive system.

Moreover, broccoli can work as an anti-inflammatory and fights off inflammation as it stuffed with bioflavonoids, one more bonus is that broccoli is  a good source of minerals and nutrients including potassium, calcium, and iron, and can as well have an oral benefits to your dog, as it helps the teeth of your dog be strong and in good condition.

So, Sounds like a winner, right? Not so fast, as broccoli can be a bad thing to your dog so you need to be aware of its side effects regarding your dog, so the next question is what are broccoli side effects?

Side-effects of Broccoli For Dogs

Dogs Ate brooccoli

Well. Of course, eating too much broccoli is not good at all for dogs, as it contains isothiocyanates, which is very beneficial for people as it helps to provide protection against tumors and cancers, but for dogs, isothiocyanates become toxic when the amount consumed exceeds 10 percent of a dog’s daily intake.

Signs of Broccoli Poisoning in Dogs

Dogs Love broccoli

Moreover, if your dog eats too much broccoli, this can cause gas and bloating, also if your dog that consumes too much broccoli so it may experience gastrointestinal distress ranging from mild to severe. And so for some dogs, it can lead to more than tummy troubles.

Also, your dog may develop diarrhea or a stomachache from broccoli,  in this case, you should stop feeding, as these  Signs of a stomachache that is resulted from overeating broccoli can include lethargy, a lack of appetite, slow movement.

And of course, we don’t need to mention that if you u notice those symptoms in your dog, ease up on its broccoli intake, and contact your vet as soon as possible.

Then how can we serve broccoli to our furry four-legged friends?

How To Serve Broccoli To Dogs?

Serve Broccoli to Dogs

First of all, You probably shouldn’t feed your dog raw broccoli. Because raw vegetables can be very hard on the dog’s digestive system, as dogs digestive tract is not designed to break down raw vegetables, that’s why serving raw vegetables to your dog can lead to dog’s gas or loose stool.

Also, You can also add broccoli directly to your dog’s regular food, Just cook it or chop it into fine bits first, but the better option is just steaming the broccoli without adding any kinds of fats or seasonings or sauces.

Remember as well that eating broccoli can cause choking, so it’s accepted to try cutting the broccoli into small bite-size pieces to reduce the risk, do not forget to cut thick or crispy pieces that may be difficult for your dog to eat.

Keep an eye on your pet while it e eats. Don’t leave your dog eating broccoli that may be difficult for your dog to eat while you’re not home or away from it.

Last Word

Remember as well that it is a must to ask your dog if it is okay to feed your dog broccoli before introducing this kind of food to it as your dog may have an allergy toward it and this allergy can lead to Dragging its bottom across the floor, Excessive sneezing, and Breathing issue as well, so kindly make sure you’ve discussed the move with your veterinarian.

Last but not least, broccoli is okay for your dog in moderation and can actually benefit them nutritionally, if you follow the guidelines and rules above.

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