Can My Dog Eat Marmite?

can dogs eat marmite
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These days, home cooking and sharing human meals and food with dogs is back, and of course, dogs love food, they love to eat anything and everything, yeah, Dogs love the stuff, moreover,  many dogs also enjoy the occasional treat; from marmite, and other tasty treats such as peanut butter, stuffed into a toy, to nuts and fruits, and this happens, as we slip our furry four-legged dogs a little treat off our plate, as we can’t resist the pleading look in their eyes.  and soon we find ourselves feeding Fido daily off our plate.

Meals Fit For Your Dog

can dogs eat marmite

Well, It seems good as a dog owner to offer your dog the leftovers of your meal or serve a part of your meal as treat or even to kill the boredom.

On the other hand, you need to consider that Love hurts in other words feeding your dog human food which is considered as love and care can kill, slowly,  and this is because the food you are serving to your dog may not be considered to be harmful to its health.

It is slowly causing adverse side effects, so the ideal option that it’s fine to supplement your furry four-legged friend’s diet with small quantities of some human table food.

Types Of Food Fit For Dogs

So now, dog’s owners need to consider the type of food that will be served and introduced to the dog, they need as well more control over what’s going into their pets, as we all want to show our pets how much we love them and want them to feel happy relaxed, healthy and more a part of the family.

So, in today’s topic, we will dig a little deeper in the world of feeding dog human’s food, and we will reveal and focus on if it is okay to feed and serve our dog’s marmite or not, and many more to be revealed, so if you are still interested kindly keep reading and check this out.

So, let’s fire it away with the first point that should be revealed in today’s topic which is it safe to serve marmite to our dogs, in other words, can dogs eat marmite or not?

Can Dogs Eat Marmite?

Marmite benefits for dogs

Well, first of all for two-legged folks humans marmite on a toast makes an excellent breakfast, but for dogs, it is not safe for them to eat it, even though marmite is not toxic to dogs to eat, but it not advisable to serve it to dogs.

So now let’s move on to reveal and focus on the reasons and causes behind why dogs are not allowed to eat too much marmite

Marmite And Dogs

Even though marmite can be healthy for humans, as it contains beneficial and healthy substances like yeast, along with vitamin B, and folate, but it is not okay for dogs to eat, and this is because :

Marmite contains too high amounts of sodium and salts, of course consuming marmite won’t kill your dog right away or cause potential organ failure or even blood toxicity, but still, vets insist that it the best option if you do not give your dog any kind of marmite.

You need to consider as well that, based on some studies and research, only one teaspoon of vegemite contains 165 milligrams of sodium. And this amount of salt and sodium is considered to be more than the recommended daily intake of sodium for medium-sized dogs.

Too Much Marmite Dogs Symptoms

Marmite and dogs

So, if the dog consumed a salty food like marmite, the dog will drink too much water, and the situation may become more serious, as when the dog’s body and cells begin to release the amount of water, this will lead to imbalance, and this as well can lead to more serious health issues and problems like dizziness, headaches, seizures, in addition to shaking, jerking, along with, convulsions, coma, and even death.

So, if you believed that your dog has consumed too much salty food or food that contains a high level of sodium and salts like marmite, and you noticed and found out anything unusual or any of the symptoms we have mentioned above, so in this case, you need to contact your vet as soon as possible, as your furry four-legged dog will need to receive a quick treatment, you need as well to provide your dog with plenty of water, or any kind of fluids intravenously.


IS MARmite good for dogs

So, as we mentioned that a small amount of marmite is not toxic to your dog at all, although it is better to skip and stay away from feeding your dog this kind of food, as it contains too much salt and this will put extra stress on the kidneys to rid the body of excess sodium, but don’t panic if your dog ate a little amount of marmite and didn’t show any bad signs, but still, you need to watch it out, and try to serve to your dog proper, safe food, or dog food, as,  dog food is carefully designed to give a dog just the right level of vitamins, sodium, and minerals that its organs and body need to thrive!.

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