Can Dogs Safely Eat Oranges and Tangerines?

Can Dogs Eat Oranges
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Imagine this scenario, starting your day with a glass of freshly squeezed orange or tangerine juice, isn’t it one of the best ways to wake up your body and acquire energy for a long tiring day??

We all love to share our food with our pets, and pets aren’t always all about the meat; some will even go crazy for fruit or vegetables, that’s why you might see your dog eating a lot of fruits, as for many dogs, food is food. It doesn’t matter what it is until it is within reach, they will eat it.

Oranges and Tangerines for Dogs

Oranges and Tangerines

You have to always search and ask about if a certain type of fruit or human food, in general, is safe for your dog to consume or not, so If you have a sweet tooth, and you would like to have an orange or tangerine as a sweet healthy snack, you may wonder if your dog can share with you this sweet snack, are orange and tangerine will be tempting to your dog? But the most important question here, are they safe for your dog to eat?

Is Tangerine Safe for Dogs to Eat?

Tangerine for Dogs 2

So let’s start with tangerine, well tangerines are great fruits. They are usually sweeter than oranges, but still contain a lot of beneficial nutrients, so to make the long story short, regarding share tangerines with your dog, the answer is yes it is okay for dogs to eat tangerines, although they should eat too much.

Benefits of Tangerines for Dogs

Well, it is very known that tangerines are filled with vitamin C from getting scurvy, in addition, tangerines are a great source of vitamin B-6 and Magnesium, which are very important for dog’s general health.

Also, tangerines contain a large amount of fiber that is very important to the dog’s digestive system and helps to keep constipation and diarrhea away.

Tangerines for Human Vs Tangerine for Dogs

On the other hand, there are a lot of opinions saying that It’s true, tangerines have a dose of vitamin C that’s great for humans. But your dog doesn’t need it, as an actually synthesize this vitamin in their body, so some people suggest that  It just looks like there’s really no place for tangerine for dogs, although tangerines will not harm dogs but won’t also benefit them.

Does Tangerines Harmful for Dogs?

Can Dogs eat Tangerines

But still tangerines can be very harmful to dogs, Although eating a tangerine is unlikely to cause immediate harm to your dog, it’s still quite not too good as you may think, because of the high rate of sugar that tangerines include which may cause some stomach serious issues to your dog, in addition to weight gain and eventually obesity, and of course if your dog is suffering from overweight and diabetes , so you must  totally  ban consuming  tangerines at all costs.

As we mentioned that tangerines are filled with fiber which is considered to be very beneficial, but too much fiber is not good, as fiber makes digested food flow easier, and If food moves too quickly due to excessive fiber, vital nutrients may not be extracted, and dogs may feel dehydrated as well.

How to Prepare Tangerines for dogs?

So, if it is okay to feed our dog, a small quantity of tangerine, the question here is how to prepare and serve it to our dogs, so it is advisable that the best way to serve it, is like what are you doing with yourself, so naturally you need to wash the outside of the tangerines first. Then remove the peel and the white pith, as they may contain essential oils that can be toxic to dogs if they are consumed in large amounts.

Can I Give My Dog Oranges?

Give my dog Orange

So let’s move to oranges, so again some good news, yes dogs can eat the orange, and yes, don’t worry the citric acid and natural sugars in oranges are not an issue, all that you need only just not to give your dog too many oranges to eat.

Benefits of Oranges for Dogs

Regarding oranges amazing benefits, of course, it is very well known that oranges are a great source of vitamin C, which is great to boost your dog’s immune system; also it helps to clean the dog’s stomach.

Oranges as well are high in potassium, folate, thiamine, and fiber while being low in sodium. This makes them a very healthy treat.

Do Oranges Harmful for Dogs?

But, on the other hand, there are some hazards of oranges that pets and dogs owners should keep in their minds, first oranges contain additional calories and sugars, which are not good at all for your dog’s health if your dog is eating too many oranges.

Also, dogs that are suffering from diabetes or obesity should stay away from oranges,  and I don’t need to mention that of course orange-flavored drinks and snacks are probably the worst kind of treats that you can offer to your dog, as they may have a very devastating impact to your dog’s health.

How to Prepare Oranges for dogs?

So now how we can prepare and serve oranges to our dog, okay rule number one is just make sure to stick to fresh oranges only, so naturally you have to wash the orange, before removing the peels and seeds, although they are not toxic to your dog, but it will very hard to  digest, so to be on the safe side you need to avoid serving them to your dog.

So it is recommended just to give your dog only 1 or 2 orange segments per day.

So to sum it  up , oranges and tangerines are  on the list of fruit that’s safe for dogs, so offering your dog a little  bites of them should not cause trouble, As long as you are feeding your dog these kind of food in moderation ,  plus being aware of the overall diet of your dog is in check, and they don’t suffer from any medical condition that requires them to stay far away from oranges and tangerines, so if you followed all these rules, you don’t have to worry.

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