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Owning a pet is not an easy mission at all, it requires a lot of commitments, and one of these commitments is keeping track of which foods are harmful and which foods are good to dogs.

So, as we love our puppies and they are always our first priority, we want to give them the best of the best, and on the consequences, we may think to serve them a variety of healthy foods to maintain a balanced diet.

And one of these kinds of healthy foods is pepper.. Green Red Yellow or Orange, peppers are one of the most captivating colored veggies which are admired by a lot of people whether they are Stuffed or sliced, raw or cooked, they are very tasty and very healthy.

Can Dogs Eat Peppers Safely?

Dogs and Peppers

So the point here is. Can dogs eat peppers?, well this depends on the type of the pepper, and what do you mean by pepper, so if you mean bell pepper or sweet pepper, so the answer will be definitely YES, but if you consider pepper as  cayenne pepper, so of course the answer will be BIG BIG NO, as this leads to serious issue regarding your dog’s skin, mouth, and stomach as well.

So back to bell and sweet pepper, as we mentioned above it is okay to feed your dog bell pepper or sweet pepper, but like any new type of food, we should first serve pepper slowly and in moderation with small quantities to our dog, to see if the dog will like it or not, it is advisable also that large dogs eat less than one-half pepper and the smaller dogs eat less than one-quarter pepper at a time.  And of course, don’t need to mention to consider removing the seeds and stems to prevent indigestion issues.

Are Peppers Poisonous to Dogs?

The Answer is No but Vets warn that if you feed your dog portions in excess of these amounts and quantities, I am sorry to say that your beloved dog will suffer from some serious issues and may wind up with an upset stomach, vomiting, in addition to diarrhea.

What Are The Benefits of Peppers For Dogs?

Dogs eat Peppers

Ooh many, the health benefits of peppers are numerous, they a big source and stuffed with vitamin C  help improve the immune system’s function, and helps to make the skin very very glowy

Peppers as well are filled with beta-carotene which helps to prevent certain kinds of cancer and promote eyesight, peppers are good as well to dog’s coat, bones, and reproductive system.

Need to know more about pepper’s benefits? Well, peppers highly contain vitamin E, which is good for your dog’s immune system, skin, joints, and muscles, in addition to fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, Finally, peppers are really low in calories, which is always a plus and extra bonus, right?

Okay, you may wonder and ask yourself, does the pepper’s color really matter?

Which Pepper’s color fit for dogs?

Dogs eat peppers

Well the answer is fair enough, as a lot of nutrition experts said  that red bell peppers are the healthiest and best option, as these super tasty crunchy veggies are absolutely safe for dogs, so feel free to serve your dogs some red bell pepper’s slices , as Red bell peppers are higher in vitamins A and C than other pepper’s kinds, in addition to Being the major antioxidant source, red bell peppers can be good for your dog to overcome physical stresses.

So does this mean that dogs can’t eat yellow or green peppers as well, of course not, dogs can eat green peppers, as green bell peppers  are undoubtedly beneficial for your dogs, green pepper can help to fight against cancer, besides improving your dog’s vision, and signs related to arthritis will also vanish.

And regarding the super tasty crunchy yellow peppers, in fact, yellow bell peppers are full of nutrients that will help your dog not suffer from muscle cramps, in addition to being juicy and crunch, I believe that your dog will enjoy and love this as a delicious treat.

Can Dogs Eat Peppers Every Day?

Peppers and Dogs

Well , Vegetables should be a part of your dog’s diet, but serving them this kind of food every day and in large quantities is not an ideal thought, as we mentioned before that of course this depends on the type and size of your dog, so for big dogs you have to serve not more than half a pepper a day , and for smaller dog you should serve not more than 3 slices a day, as well, but all in all I believe that bell peppers  should not be an everyday diet. So serving bell peppers as an occasional treat can be a very ideal and perfect idea, which will be very beneficial for your dog.

And now it is the time to know how we can serve bell peppers to our beloved four-legged friends,

How to Serve Peppers to Your Dog?

Peppers is good for dogs

First of all, you need to know that, you should never add seasoning or salt to the peppers or feed your dog peppers that have been mixed with onions or garlic, as those ingredients are toxic to dogs, so this is a big no.

Also the outer skin which is covering the pepper is very hard to chaw for your dog, and may lead to some digestive serious issue so it is preferable to steam or puree the pepper to make it easier for your dog to eat well, a side note do not forget to  remove cores and seeds before starting.

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