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Dogs are human’s best friends when you own a dog, you consider it as one of your family members, so that their health, life, and happiness are taken very very seriously, and one of the most important points that we should consider is the dog diet.

So as you think about healthy and tasty snack like fresh vegetables and fruits that you can eat between each meal, so if you like to share some of your snack with your lovely dog, you might wonder, if some of these items are safe and healthy as well for your dog to eat or not??

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?

Can dogs eat strawberries

One of these tasty snacks is strawberry’s slices, and there is s nothing like strawberry season,  who can resist this amazing fresh reddish fruit, which is full of swing and juices.

So while eating and enjoying your juicy healthy snack, you may realize that your dog’s eyes are on every bite, drooling too much, and you will ask yourself with can I feed my dog a slice of strawberry or not? Well here is the answer… good news, no more guilty feeling any more , YES your dog can eat strawberry and share this experience with you , again Yes, absolutely – dogs can eat strawberries and they are non-toxic to dogs at all.


The Benefits of Strawberries for Dogs

Can you Give dogs strawberries


So first lets discover strawberry’s health benefits, Strawberries are a healthy, low-calorie, sweet treat that your dog will love eating, strawberries contain as well fiber which is very good for  your dog stomach and digestion, strawberries are stuffed with  antioxidants and Vitamin C, so by serving strawberry to your dog, this will help slow down the aging process, strengthen the immune system, in addition to  helping whiten your dog’s teeth, so it’s an extra bonus that strawberry is not only yummy and tasty , but will also give your dog a health boost.

On the other hand, strawberries can have some side effects, so we need to know when strawberries can be bad for your dog,  and of course, too much of a good and healthy thing is just not a good thing at all.

Rules Before Giving Your Dog Strawberries

Dogs and strawberry

So we can say the same about strawberry, as it contains a loads of sugar, and if you dog ate too much strawberries, they can lead to very bad issues, so you might expect an upset stomach and gastrointestinal upset, please also be aware that Canned or processed strawberries are filled with extra sugar and, and chemicals which are considered to toxic to your dog so kindly say No to canned strawberries.

The Danger of Strawberries to Dogs

Dogs with Strawberries

The other danger of strawberries to dogs is the danger of choking – especially when eating a large whole strawberry, one more point is that Strawberries may not be great for dogs with diabetes or cancer, besides There are dogs with certain medical conditions that can’t handle eating strawberries and you should know if your dog is a part of that pack or not..

Another important point to consider is that strawberries are almost like any type of food, there is a risk that your dog may have an allergic reaction to, and this may lead to life-threatening condition and very serious health issues, so if you see any allegoric symptoms like coughing, sneezing, hives, difficulty breathing after consuming strawberries, you need to consult your vet as soon as possible,

so the next question ,, what is the safest and healthiest way to introduce strawberry to my four legged friend? , okay here you are .


How to Serve Strawberries to Your Dog?

Giver your dog strawberry


First an everyday advice . Whenever you introduce any new food to your dog’s diet, the ideal way is to contact your vet, and if  you have a picky eater in your home, always bear in mind anytime you introduce new food to your dog’s diet, you’ll want to start with small quantities gradually and very slowly to figure out if your dog will love eating strawberries or not/

So if it is okay for your dog, you need to serve fresh strawberries , and always remember to Always remove the stems and leaves from the fruit, as eating leaves and stems can lead to stomach upset, that can lead to vomiting or strong and long diarrhea.

Also naturally you have to ensure they are well rinsed before serving to get of any residue dirt or chemicals.. Fresh is best.. right??, regarding the amount and quantity this also depend on your pet size .

Mixing of Strawberries with Dog Food

Strawberries Dogs

You can mash the strawberry or puree them to mix into your dog’s dry or wet food and let you beloved one enjoy ;), you can use strawberries  as a reward during training, or freeze them for a cool and  refreshing summer snack as well  your dog will love this.

You need to know that  dogs are curious by nature and when they find something intriguing and tasty  like strawberries , it will be a little bit hard to keep it away from your dog, that’s why now I am sure you are glad that you can share your favorite red goddess snack with your dog, and can enjoy eating without feeling guilty.

But again and again you need to  be aware that you can feel free to feed your dog strawberries but not too free as  everything should be in moderation, even if strawberries are packed with minerals and vitamins which have  a lot of benefit regarding your dog’s health, but they still  contain too much sugar which is not good at all for you or your dog health, so keep in mind to strawberries are just sweet treats that should be served occasionally, and  If you like to cook for your dogs at home, then these can be great additions to homemade dog meals.  , so I will repeat it again and again, one more time, Think of them as a treat and serve in moderation.  if you don’t take this word seriously, you know what can happen.

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