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Tuna for dogs
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It is common for dog’s owners to want to find alternative foods for their dogs to eat: sometimes this is because dogs don’t like the food we choose and serve to them; sometimes it is because we want to introduce to do something new to enjoy, and sometimes it simply because dogs want to share food with their owners.

Fish For Humans And Dogs

Can Dog Eat Tuna

As one of the most common types of food groups we humans consume, fish .. you can find fish in many households, and When we talk about fish, the tasty tuna is the best of the end, tuna is tasty, delicious and healthy as well, tuna can be prepared and stuffed in many ways, you can find it in sandwiches, we can find a pizza which is loaded with tuna, we can find a white sauce or red sauce pasta which is stuffed with tuna, in addition to tuna salad.

So imagine if you left an open can of tuna around your pup, and then it disappeared within seconds, or even if you are enjoying your tuna sandwich and found your dog around you and its eyes are begging you to give it a bite.

Owners Asking about Tuna For Dogs

Can Dog Eat

Consequently, many pet owners would like to know: can dogs eat tuna, and which fish are safe for our canine friends to consume, then you may wonder, what are the fish dogs can eat and which ones are harmful to dogs.

Well, we often associate tuna, and other types of fish, as fish is enjoyed and eaten by cats, typically enjoy, so as a dog owner.. is it okay to share tuna with your furry dog or not.. is it safe ?, so in this article we will dig deeper to reveal the link between dogs and tuna, we will know if dogs can eat tuna or not, in addition to the health benefits of tuna, along with dangers and risks of tuna… so keep reading and stay tuned xoxo

So, let’s start our article with the most important question which is.. is it okay to feed my dog tuna or not?

Can I Give My Dog Canned Tuna?

Tuna for dogs

The answer may be a little complicated, it may be yes and no, although, it is not advisable to serve tuna to your furry four-legged dog.

Well, despite the fact that we shouldn’t serve tuna to our dogs, we need to reveal the health benefits of tuna.

It is important to consider that tuna and other types of fish are a natural source of lean protein. It can be a good alternative to your dog’s natural alternatives to a meat-based dog food brand.

Benefits of Tuna For Dogs

  • Tuna may help to improve your dog’s coat, improve their eyesight and reduce any inflammation.
  • Tuna is also stuffed with a lot of vitamins including B3, B6, and B12, which will help to develop and boost your dog’s immune system.
  • Tuna as well contains Vitamin D and many healthy minerals such as selenium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous. Which are all beneficial to boost your dog’s overall health.
  • Moreover, tuna which is low in fat is high in omega 3 fatty acid, which helps to keep your dog teeth in a very well condition, develop your dog’s joints and bones, in addition, to improve your dog’s eyesight, along with improving cardiovascular health and regulating blood pressure.

So now, let’s move on to know the dangers and risks of feeding your dog tuna.

Risks Of Tuna For Dogs

Giving Dog Tuna

It is important to know that tuna is one of the fish with the highest levels of mercury, and this lead to mercury poisoning which has many symptoms that may include the following: vomiting blood- hair loss- kidney damage- in addition to, diarrhea that may include blood, along with loss of self-control and awareness, and abdominal swelling.

In addition, we need to consider that your dog may show some allergic reaction to fish-based product or tuna, which may include some symptoms like the following :

Tuna Allergy In Dogs

Vomiting—diarrhea- itchy skin- in addition to skin and ear infection, along with too much licking, and runny eyes and nose, so if you watched any of these symptoms and believed that your dog ate too much tuna, then you have to call your vet as soon as possible, as sooner is better than sorry.

okay it’s time to know some rules regarding dogs and tuna, and how to serve tuna to our furry four-legged friends.

How To Serve Tuna To Your Dog?

Well, regarding serving cooked tuna to your dog, you have to skip any kinds of fats, salts or seasonings that may be very harmful to your dog.

Moreover, canned tuna can be a good option, but you have to make sure that it is backed by water, not oil or any kinds of spices which may be very toxic to your dog, it is important to be aware of the fact that it is not safe for dogs to eat raw, and this because raw  fish. often contain parasites and bacteria like salmonella, which can lead to many serious health issues to your dog.

You need as well to share tuna sparingly, just a few bites no more than once a week. As your dog digestive system is not designed to digest and deal with tuna, so serve tuna to your dog as an occasional treat only.

So, all in all, regarding dogs and tuna, yes dogs can eat tuna,  you can feed your dog tuna but just in moderation, yes tuna can be a healthy addition to your dog’s general diet. But before introducing tuna or any kind of food to your dog,  you need to make sure you have checked with the vet if it’s safe to do so, you need as well to make sure that your dog does not suffer from any allergy to tuna or any fish-based products , you need also to ensure that canned tuna should contain low sodium content and fats.

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