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Dog Eat Yogurt
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Plain, low or non-fat, fruity, chocolate flavored, who doesn’t love and enjoy eating yogurt, yogurt provides health benefits and serves as an excellent source of calcium for us two-legged folks, but now what about our pet our furry four-legged friends.

We all know that dogs are man’s best friends.  And of course with no doubts, we want the best for our pets when it comes to anything related to their health, food, and care,  and while dogs have an array of their own snacks, but they still enjoy human food. So imagine this situation, while you are snacking on your tasty yogurt and we look down at furry dog , then  you notice your dog licking its lips, and its eyes are begging you to share yogurt , so then you may wonder and ask yourself, if is it okay to serve my dog yogurt or not? you, you may have a number of other questions. What kind of yogurt can be fed to dogs? How much yogurt is enough? What are the benefits? What are its dangers and risks? And many more questions that may worry you.

Feed Yogurt To Your Dog

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt

So now, no worries, If you decide to feed yogurt to your dog, make sure to read this article carefully…. as in this article we will reveal all these question ‘s answers, in addition, to focus on the relation between yogurt and dogs, along with many tips and tricks regarding yogurt and dogs, so let’s get started.

So the first question in this article is… is it okay to feed my dog yogurt or not?

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?

So, a short and clear answer is, yes good news, yes, dogs can eat yogurt, but that doesn’t mean that they should overeat it. While yogurt is not toxic to dogs, but still we need to be aware not to overfeed our dog’s dairy products.

Okay, so now let’s focus on the health benefits of yogurt

The Benefits Of Yogurt For Your Dog

Dog Eat Yogurt

Not only yogurt is a delicious and tasty treat that can be served to our dogs, but also yogurt has a variety of health benefits, first of all,  yogurt contains calcium and protein, and these are great for bone and muscle health, in addition, yogurt is filled with  potassium, that allows dogs to absorb fluids and maintain their cardiac and nervous systems.

Moreover, yogurt is high in magnesium which helps increase the body’s ability to absorb calcium effectively, it is important to consider as well that yogurt contains live and active bacterial cultures which may contribute to a healthy gut.

So all in all yogurt can lead to many health benefits like the following: it can help to  develop bone health- help to boost and improve the immune system- in addition, it helps to control and reduce high levels of total cholesterol, It helps to reduce the incidence, along with building muscle, and it can help fight yeast infections in dogs, which may cause skin and ear problems; and help your dog’s body absorb nutrients.

Greek Yogurt For Your Dog

Well, Greek yogurt contains probiotics and is healthy and safe for dogs, it’s generally thicker than other yogurts, also it is important to know that Greek yogurt contains less sugar, sodium, and carbohydrates. it has as well more protein content than a standard or regular yogurt.

Greek yogurt is particularly helpful for dogs taking antibiotics.

So, now what are the dangers and risks of serving your dog’s yogurt.

Risks Of Yogurt To Your Dog

Dogs And Yogurt

Some dogs can have difficulty in digesting dairy products than others, so one thing to consider when giving your dog yogurt is that your dog doesn’t have an issue with lactose. , and you need to know now the symptoms of suffering from an allergy to lactose, that may include the following: diarrhea- lack of appetite- vomiting- weight loss, in addition to, poor weight gain- itching- excessive scratching, along with Flatulence-abdominal gas- abdominal pain and discomfort, you need as well to consider that your dog can suffer from stomach upset, or even pancreatitis, a serious and potentially fatal illness if it ate too much yogurt that contains high fats.

So if you watched any of these symptoms and you believe that your dog ate yogurt you need to contact your vet as soon as possible.

Then it’s time to wrap up some tips and tricks that need to be followed in case you want to serve yogurt to your dog:

How To Serve Yogurt To Your Dog?

Yogurt for dogs

Avoid serving your dog and kind of chocolate-flavored yogurt as it may be toxic to your dog, you should avoid as well yogurt which contains a high level of sugar, especially in the overweight or diabetic dogs.

You need as well just only to look for yogurt that is free of sweeteners and flavors; As artificial sweeteners can be toxic for dogs, especially xylitol which can lead to many serious issues like a drop in blood pressure, seizures, and even death.

You need also to pick yogurts with live active bacteria and low or fat-free ones that have probiotic benefits such as boosting and developing the digestive balance and overall immune system.

Also, you need to consider the following points; If your dog is taking antibiotics, offer him a small amount of   Greek yogurt several hours after taking his medicine, you can as well add a small serving of Greek yogurt on top of your dog’s food.

So a final word: yogurt and dogs, yes dogs can eat yogurt, as it is non toxic to dogs, it has many health benefits as well, but you need to make sure that your dog is not suffering allergy to dairy products , so you need to check in with your vet first, you need as well to consult with your vet for the best way to introduce yogurt into their diet, but remember as usual that regarding feeding your dog human’s food  moderation is the key to be on the safe side.

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