How To Introduce A New Dog To Your Home?

How To Introduce A New Dog To Your Home
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Dogs want and need to know a few things so they can be comfortable. Do they want to know what the other dog is about? Does she mean me harm? Is he someone I can trust? Am I safe? Do you belong here? What’s your story? Are we going to be friends or enemies?

It’s your job as their leader to create the environment and the state of mind, throughout your pack, which will allow positive, tension-free relationships to floruits.

Adopting A New Dog

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Bringing and adopting a new dog into your family is always exciting,  and this not only means creating great memories with your new fur four-legged baby, but is does also means a change of routine, more love, and cuddles, so if you are thinking and considering adopting and owning a new dog, congratulation, Now that it’s official, it is the time for a lot of hard work that should be done, as it is the time to think a lot about how you will introduce your new furry dog to its new family and home, in addition to, helping your new dog make a successful adjustment to your home, and with you as well as a new dog owner and pet parent.

Tips About Introducing New Dog To Your Home

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Anyway, no worries and calm down, as in this article we will dig deeper and deeper to reveal tips and tricks regarding how to introduce your new fur four-legged dog to its new home, well I know it will be very tiring but, it is all worth it, all want you to have to know that the key that with a little love, patience and preparation, you will manage to do it, and you will be able to help your dogs’ transition be a smooth one, so if you are still interested or consider getting a new dog to your home, this article is for you, so check this out and don’t miss it xoxoxo.

Setting  A Plan

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  • First of all, before the arrival of your new dog to your home, you need to set a plan and goals regarding bringing a new dog into your home, you have as well to consider your dogs’ more about your dog breed and background.
  • You need as well to set up a family meeting, you need to talk with all your family member and be sure that all of them want to bring and get a new dog to the home, you need to put some rules regarding your dog, like where the dog will sleep, who will be responsible to feed the dog at night what are the rooms and place that will be out of your dog reach, etc, so in other words, you have to decide what commands you and all your family members are all going to follow and stick to them so your dog doesn’t get confused.

Then, the next step will be to gather and get all your dog supplies, that your dog may need in advance, and these basics may include the following :

  • Water bowl
  • Training collar
  • A leash
  • A new bed
  • Food bowl
  • Some toys, chew toys
  • Dry and wet food and maybe some treats for training
  • Odor-removing cleaners

So, if you managed to prepare and buy these things in advance, you both and your dog can settle in without many mad dashes to the store.

Then, you have to make some preparations into your home, and this may include the following

How To Prepare Your Home For Your New Dog?

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  • You need to create a living space for your dog, this area is the place that your dog will spend most of its time, when you are not at home, to prevent your dog from having housetraining accidents.
  • So you have to consider and be sure to choose a space or a room which is located in the center of activity in your household, so your dog won’t feel isolated, remember as well that this place should be an easy-to-clean floor.
  • Moreover, you have to you need to find a toilet area for your dog, that’s why you have to pick and choose a spot in your yard or in a grassy area.  You need to Plan to train to use this place regularly so that your dog will expect to relieve himself at this location when he goes outside.
  • When your dog is at home, you have to consider many several points, you need first not to be in a rush to make your dog feel adapted and settled, as this may take as much time as needed. This could be for two days, two weeks, or two months. It all depends on the dogs.
  • Then, you have to introduce your dog to its crate and start its training, you need to teach and train your dog some house and socialization training, and be aware that earlier you start, the faster and easier the training will be.
  • You need as well to find and choose a good vet for your fur four-legged new dog, you have to consider and make sure that It’s crucial and important for your dog’s first vet visit to be a very good and happy experience.
  • You need as well to allow the new dog to investigate its new home several times a day, also consider using barriers and gates to keep your dog with you until you it behaves predictably in your home.
  • Also, you have to enroll your new dog in a training class about 2 weeks after obtaining it, as we mentioned above the earlier and faster the training will be, the smoother the things will go on.

Be aware and do your best to teach your dog the behavior you want and reinforce that behavior with praise and a treat.

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