How To Introduce New Dog To A Dominant Dog?

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Adopting and getting a new puppy into your house is an exciting time for us humans or at least pet parents! but if you own and adopt another pet or a dog, your resident dog may have a different opinion and view on the new dog’s arrival, yes, there are no guarantees that your dominant dog is going to find your new dog as adorable as you do -.

Introduce Your New Dog

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  • Despite the fact that adding a new and another puppy to the family will be harmonious, and exceptional feeling,  but furry four-legged dogs are Just like human babies.
  • They can disrupt the balance at home and create behavioral issues for younger children, that’s why you need to make sure and consider that before you plan on getting and bringing a new puppy to your home.
  • You have to make plans for introducing the new puppy to dogs that already live there.
  • You need as well to know that, just with some preparation and plans, however, you can make the meeting a success, and this is because Introducing your new dog to the old ones in a proper and right way can make a big difference.

Planning To Have Your Second Dog

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So if you own and adopt a dog, and you are considering or planning on getting and adopting a new puppy, no worries, this article is just for you, as in this article we will dig deeper to focus and reveal the best ways and rules that we should follow in order to know how to introduce a new puppy to a dominant dog, and how this meeting can run smoothly without any troubles, in order to enjoy the feeling of being a parent to two lovely and cute dogs, so keep reading this xoxoxo.

Okay you need to plan well for welcoming your new puppy, so you need at first to consider some points before getting your new dog, and introduce it your existing one, and these points may include the following :

How To Introduce New Dog To A Dominant Dog?

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  • You need to make sure that you get all the essentials for a puppy on hand at home, like  New food and water bowls, in addition to new puppy toys to avoid territorial behavior., along with new blankets and doggy bed and you have to ensure that both dogs can get away from the other.
  • On the top of that, if you are considering bringing home a new dog, you have to choose a dog that has a compatible personality with your current dog, that’s why, before getting a certain breed, you have to read and search well about this breed, and take in your consideration the dog’s size, activity level, and gender.
  • You may also contact and ask the help of a professional dog trainer to help you not only choose a dog but also to know how you should handle the initial interactions between both dogs.
  • Then, once you’ve found the right dog or puppy for your home, this is the time to introduce the dogs, so at the first time and in order to avoid any kind of aggressive behavior, the first meeting between both dogs, should take place in a neutral ground, and this is because your old dog always considers your home as its own home, so the meeting can be in a quiet park for example.
  • So all that you have to do is just,  put your older dog on a leash while another person holds the new dog on a leash, and be aware during the meeting of any signs of stress or impending aggression from either dog, you can also, take both dogs for a walk, parallel to each other, you can also keep the leashes loose and give both dogs the opportunity to move, but and if you noticed something abnormal like raised, stiff tail and body posture, you have to cut the meeting as soon as possible and reconsider your new arrival.
  • You need also to allow them to sniff one another and encourage them to play, discourage all aggression,  you need to remember not to t interfere unless you feel you must.
  • If you are done with the first meeting, it is the time to get your new dog into your home, at the first and especially during the first two and three weeks, you need to both dog’s body languages, as this will help you a lot to understand how they are both interacting with each other, you need as well to apply and follow older dog’s regular routine. , then you have to set up a routine for your new dog.
  • You need as well to make sure that the following action will not take place between both dogs, and these actions may include the following:
  • Do not allow both dogs to fight with each other, don’t by all the means force both dogs to play with each other, in addition,  don’t hold your new dog in your arm while your old dog is watching you, and of course don’t allow both dogs to share the same crate.
  • You need to feed them in a separated area, you need also to spend a good time with both in separation, in addition, you need as well to allow them to play with supervision, along with supervising  both  them at all times for the first several weeks
  • A very important note that you need to take into consideration which is that we do not expect that both dogs will love each other at the first meeting. , you need to be very aware of the fact that it often takes time for one or the other to warm up and get along perfectly with each other.

So, a final word,  if you managed to follow and apply the few steps which are listed above will ensure that your new puppy will become a  part of your happy family with as little troubles as much as you can.


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