Everything You Need To Know About Dog’s Ear Language

Understanding Your Dog
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Did you know that all dogs can talk? Even though They are not able to use words, but our furry four-legged friends can tell us how they feel and what they’re thinking with their tails, head, posture, and ear, so believe it or not, dogs ear can be used for more than hearing.

Dogs Ears Is The Best Dogs Body Language

Dogs Ear Language

Dogs ears can do wonders as they can tell exactly how your furry four-legged dog is feeling, they can offer a great deal of information, but ears can also be a confusing body language to interpret and understand, also,  dog’s ears can provide many information and clues about your dog temperament, personality, along with some insights into your dog current emotional state, and other traits that can be helpful to you as a dog owner and pet parent.

It is very important and crucial as well to know and consider that all dogs have the same basic ear structure but regarding the size, shape, and placement this can vary from one dog breed to others. And this is because the different ear shapes, sizes have a certain and specific purpose and role from one breed to another.

Understanding Your Dog From Its Ear Language

Understanding Your Dog

So, if you are a dog owner who is willing to understand what your dog is feeling, and wanna communicate with your furry four-legged friend, this article is just for you, as in today’s article we will dig the world of dog’s body language, and we will reveal everything you need to know about dog’s ear language, so if you are still interested check this out.

First, let’s take a quick look into different dog’s ear shape:

Dog’s Ear Shapes

Ear Language Dogs

Drop Ears

Some breeds like Blood  Hounds and Field Spaniels have low drop ears that can  Blood  Hounds and Field Spaniels have low drop ears that crease and fold like curtains, you need to know as well that Floppy ears don’t pick up distant sounds.

Rose Shaped Ears

Some breeds like Greyhounds, whippets, bulldogs, and pugs have this ear shape, this shape has two important and crucial roles which is fighting, and enabling dog to run faster.

Semi-Erect or Button ears

Some small breeds like Jack Russell or Fox Terrier have this kind of ear shape,  this shape indicates that this dog is considered to have determination, intelligence, independent-mindedness skills, however, this shape cant not trap distant sounds effectively.

Prick Ears

You may find this ear shape in some breeds like German shepherds, Westies, Samoyeds, and Chow Chow, it is important to mention also that this ear shape can help the dog to rotate its pointed receptors in the direction of a sound without moving their head.

So, now is the time to uncover and reveal dogs ear language:

Dog’s Ear Language

How to understand Your Dogs


If your dog feels that it is somehow confused, so in this case, your dog’s ear will flick from one position to another,  and this as we mentioned means that the dog hasn’t quite made up its mind.

Happy or nervous

If your dog dropped or pinned its ears like your dog is dropping and his ears tight to the dog’s head. This means that the dog may be happy or nervous, in this case, it is so crucial and important to read the rest of the dog body language to decide, as it may mean a friendlier attitude and

Complete relaxation or it may mean that the dog is nervous.


Well, its always has been said that the higher the ears, the more confident and very dominant—your dog attitude is.


If you noticed that your dog is pricking its ears up, this can mean that your dog is alert and trying to listen to something more closely, also, your dog as well may prick its ears when it is attentive and engaged in an enjoyable activity or during playtime.

Terrified or submissive

We can differ between these two moods easily, first, if you noticed that your dog’s ears are just pinned back and down, this may mean that your dog is feeling submissive, on the other hand, if you found that your dog’s ears are just pinned straight back, and they are against the back of the head, so in this case, you need to know that your dog is terrified, you need to know as well that in this situation your dog may be in a fighting mood, and not only this but also, your dog’ level is high.


If you noticed that your dog’s ears are in a neutral position, and by mentioning neutral position, we mean that your dog is not pricking its ears forward,  or drooping them down or pasting them to its head, so in this case you need to know that your dog is just sitting and relaxing.

Changing Ear’s Position

If you noticed that your dog is quickly shifting and changing its ear positions, so, in this case, it may be very hard to understand, maybe even your dog can’t understand how it feels, but all in all, we can say that shifting and changing ear position, can mean many different things, it may mean that your dog is puzzled, In addition to being uncomfortable and concerned.

A final word

If you have or you own a pet or a dog, you need to consider searching and learning about dogs and pets body langue, so you have to  pay attention to what your dog’s ears are communicating  and delivering to you

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