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Does your furry four-legged friend like to beg you to share your food with you whenever you eat some? So are you able to resist its lovely eyes which are begging you to give it some bites? Have you ever wondered if dogs can eat human food?.

Well, when you own and keep a pet animal at your house, then you try your best to take care of it because it becomes a part of your life and your responsibility, that’s why as a dog owner, you need to pay attention to every detail in your dog life, and considering your dog diet and what you should feed your dog, it is crucial to consider everything regarding the type of food that you will introduce to your dog, you have to know all the health benefits of this food, along with the dangers and risks of it as well.

Veggies For Dogs


So, With humans eating veggies regularly and wishing to add the veggie in their diet as a staple, you may wonder if you can add some green veggies to your dog diet, and one of these veggies is cabbage.

Well, cabbage easy to grow, easy to make, and easy to tolerate, cabbage is a go-to food for many people, however, Cabbage isn’t a popular choice among most people because of its taste and texture, but we can find it tasty in many ways, we can find it in the amazing cabbage rolls, we can serve it in a veggie pasta plate, it can be, coated in mayo and turned into coleslaw, or served in a crisp salad .

So, what if you are eating a meal that a cabbage is stuffed in it, then you found your dog watching you, and begging you to give it a bite, what you are going to do?, many dog’s owners worry about feeding and serving cabbage to their dogs, so in this article we are going to focus on the story of cabbage and dogs, and we will reveal it is safe to feed our dogs cabbage or not, in addition to focusing on the health benefits of cabbage, along with its risks and dangers, and many more rules and tricks that should be followed, so let’s get started.

So, the first question in this article is… is it okay to feed our dogs cabbage or in other words can dogs eat cabbage?

Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?

Dog Eats Cabbage

So a short and straight answer.. yes, dogs can eat cabbage. Cabbage is not only harmless, but it is also nutritious and healthy for both dogs and puppies.

So, as we mentioned above, cabbage is notorious, so let’s now move on to know more and more about the health benefits of cabbage.

Benefits Of Cabbage For Dogs

Dogs And Cabbage

First of all, cabbage contains a lot of beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin A, in addition, it is a high source of fiber, along with indole-3-Carbinol.

Moreover, cabbage is stuffed with important vitamins such as K, B6, B1, in addition to healthy and essential minerals including manganese, potassium, and copper, plus being filled with antioxidants.

That why, cabbage can do wonders, as  cabbage can reduce a dog’s chances of  c suffering from chronic diseases, such as cancer and arthritis, moreover, cabbage helps to boost your dog eyesight, fur, skin, and coat, so after consuming cabbage, don’t be surprised, if you realized that your dog became   more bright-eyed and more glossy of coat.

In addition, cabbage helps to improve and boost your dog the digestive system, thanks to a large amount of fiber, if your dog is suffering from constipation, along with the immune system and general health.

Also, cabbage can help in weight loss, as it is very low in calories

But, despite the fact that cabbage has a lot of health benefits, but it also has some side effects, that may include the following:

Risks Of Cabbage For Dogs

Can Dogs Eat

It is important to consider that consuming a large amounts of veggie may negatively affect your dog’s digestive system and leads to bloating and excess gas, as a responsibility as a dog owner , you need to pay attention to your dog’s reaction when you serve cabbage to it as it may suffer from allergy to cabbage , so you need to  watch out for any signs of stomach ache or watery stool, so if you realized these symptoms you need to contact your vet as soon as possible.

You need to consider as well that cabbage contains a compound known as thiocyanate, so dogs that already have thyroid problems should not eat foods containing thiocyanate.

Okay, now let’s reveal some rules and tips that should be followed in order to safely serve your dog cabbage.

How To Serve Cabbage To Your Dog?

SERVE Cabbage

Never add salt, fats, or any kind of herbs and seasoning to cabbage, as this can increase the risk of poisoning due to overconsumption.

It’s ideal to serve cabbage as an additional element to your dog’s meal. So you should do this in moderation, so the best way to serve it is just to chop, cut and cook a little cabbage and sprinkle on top of his normal bowl of wet or dry dog food.

Also regarding preparing cabbage, some studies suggest that boiling the cabbage would reduce their anticancer properties, but cooked cabbage is easier to digest, and cause less gas, so lightly-cooked cabbage will be fine for your dog.

So, all in all, regarding cabbage and dogs,  Yes not only can dogs eat cabbages safely, but cabbage also is loaded with many health benefits, so, As long as your dog does not have a thyroid condition, feel free to feed them cabbage, but of course not too free, as serving any human food to your furry four-legged friend should be done in moderation.

So when a light cooked cabbage is given in small amounts as a treat, it can be a great supplement and your dog will thank you ..!

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