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Do you own a dog?  So do you suffer from everyday headache what should I feed my dog? Well I know that owning and having a cute puppy is one of the best moments ever, but it is not easy as you might think,as owning  a dog requires you to think twice before introducing  a new food or stuff to.

First we need to know that dogs, are  like humans and unlike cats, dogs are omnivores. This means that your dog can eat both meat, fruits and vegetables as well,

It has always been said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, okay may be this true with humans, but does an apple can keeps the vet away?

Using an Apple as a Dog Treat

Apple as a dog treat

While there are tons of super yummy and tasty food that both you and your beloved four legged friend can share together like  fruits and veggies which  can be healthy and inexpensive treats or snacks for your dog, but some of these foods can be dangerous of require some special preparations before serving it to your dog.

You might be hanging around the kitchen, eating a lovely tasty apple, when your pup walks by with their longing eyes just begging for a bite or a small slice, well I know It’s always tempting to give your dog a bit of whatever you’re eating . But before you give them a piece of your sweet treat, you may wonder and ask your self : Can dogs eat apples safely?

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Apples for Dogs

So answer here is yes, dogs can safely eat apples, apples as well can be very beneficial for your dog , as they are stuffed with f vitamins, like A and C, in addition to being chock full of dietary fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and antioxidants, so apples can help to  and promote your dog’s teeth health and as an added bonus, apples can also help keep your dog’s teeth clean—and even freshen up that stinky dog breath.

Benefits of Apples For Dogs

Benefits of Apples for dogs

Need another extra bonus? Here you are, Apples also help add omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to your dog ‘diet, which can help keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy and super glowy.

Plus being high in dietary fiber, apples are considered to be  good for your dog’s colon and cholesterol levels , and don’t need to mention that vitamin C and antioxidants in apples can help improve certain degenerative conditions, such as diseases of the bones or joints, and generally, apples  can boost your pet’s overall health.

Can You Give your dog an Apple?

Give your dog an apple

So yes feel free to introduce apples to your dog, but just If you serve them to your dog correctly and safely, apples can  be introduce as  healthy treats that can be quite healty fresh and tasty treat .

While it is safe for you to give dogs apples, you should also keep in mind that it’s important that you keep them limited and don’t overdo it, as apples like anything is this world have both benefits and side effects.

Side effects of Apples for Dogs

Side effects of apples

The reason that you shouldn’t give your dog too much apple  and  If your dog seriously overdoses on apples, then this can be a big problem it can lead to vomiting , some stomach ache and digestive serious problems, in addition to the amount of inflammation it can cause, may an lead to a heart attack or other fatal problems.

We don’t need to mention that apples contains huge amount of sugar, and sugar is a very serious issue for dogs, which can lead to diabetes or obesity.

So what kind of apples shall we serve to our dogs?

Kinds of Apples Fit for Dogs

Kinds of Apples

Okay the answer is all, yes Dogs can eat any kinds of apples, green or red , it doesn’t matter , may be the green one is a little bit sour than the red , but still dogs can eat green or red apple, it really doesn’t matter, as it depends more on your dog’s taste, don’t forget they are like us humans they have tastes which can differ from one to another.

So now how we can serve and introduce apples to our dogs?

How to Serve Apples to Your Dog?

Dogs eat apple

Well there are few some tips that you need to follow, to help your dog to enjoy this tasty treat peacefully.

You at first to ask your vet if its okay for your dog’s size, type , and nutation diet to eat apples or not, if is it okay for your dog, so go to step number two, like any new type of food you need to introduce it slowly and gradually to your dog , and not in a large quantity and of course on an occasionally basis to be one the safe side.

the best way to feed your dog some apples is fresh apple slices – with no core, no seeds, no stems,alarm please again remember – with no core, no seeds, no stems as all of these are BIG BIG NO.

if you are  Looking for a little extra and east challenge, you can freeze  try the apple slices and  give them to  your dog, a perfect cool treat during summer times.

You can also mash some apple slices and mix it with your dog food as a sweet treat you dog will definitely loves this one, also if you are working on baking. an apple pie and slices the apple drop to the floor, your dog will be okay if he eats a few of them.

So a final word, introducing and serving new kind of food to your dog if it is safe, can be a prefect idea, so as you can see above, apples have so many benefits, so feel free to give your dog apples and you have many several ways you can do it safely in order to boost your dog;s health and help them to enjoy more energy, a stronger immune system, but remember just serve apples on occasionally basis with in limit and don’t overdo it .

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