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Have you ever get distracted or look away for one second and then when you turn back, you discovered that your furry four-legged friend has managed to eat all the food on your plate? Have you ever wished to share all your favorite food and treats with your dog? Well, Pet owners love to show their affection and care to their dogs by giving them treats and try to share food with them from time to time. And one of these treats is pineapple which is considered to be a favorite fruit for most people and maybe dogs as well.

Pineapple is a perfect combination of sweet and tart, and when we just say the name Pineapple, this mentally put us on a beach somewhere with sunset filled relaxing holidays, pineapple also is a very creative fruit, You can eat it as it is, put it on skewers, or frozen and mixed with cream on pizza, on your dessert, or a baked treat.!, in addition, it can be great on its own, when grilled or when served in fruit salad.

So if you’re wondering if this golden, juicy and delicious fruit can also be enjoyed by dogs? , check this article as, we did the digging a more and deeper in pineapple’s world, so don’t miss this article and here’s what we found… So keep reading xoxo.

Can You Give Dogs Pineapple?

Dogs Eat Pineapples

So the most important now is, is it okay for a dog to eat pineapple? a short and straight answer is, fortunately, yes, yes dogs can eat pineapple as a treat, so pineapple is an excellent healthy snack for dogs when served raw.

And now let’s reveal the pineapple’s health benefits, so what are pineapple’s health benefits? Whoa! We have a list of health benefits for your dog and maybe for you as well.

The Benefits of Pineapple for Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Pineapples

  • First, it is important to know that pineapple has health benefits to your dog if you give it in small amounts, as it contains vitamin C which helps to boost your dog’s immune system, so this can be very beneficial to some dogs that suffer from a reduced immune system functioning , moreover vitamin C helps your dog to have a healthier skin and shiny coat.
  • Also, pineapple is stuffed with manganese and copper, which are essential to boost the bone’s density and make your dog’s bones more and more stronger, in addition to helping to control the sugar level , acting as an anti-inflammatory which benefit the aging dogs, along with developing the red blood cells and help in the oxygenation process.
  • Pineapple as well is loaded with Vitamin B6 and B1 that helps to boost the immune system, improve the signs of cognitive decline, and develop the health of the nervous system.
  • Moreover, it contains also another healthy substances like Folate and pantothenic acid that helps to support your dog with energy as they boost the protein, fats, carb’s efficiency, and one of the biggest pineapple’s benefits that it contains bromelain. that helps the body break down protein, it also helps in fighting the growth of cancer cells as well, and can even aid in reducing tumors in a dog’s body.
  • Needless to say that pineapple also includes potassium, magnesium, iron, and small amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and zinc.

Side-effects Of Pineapple For Dogs

Dog eat pineapple

And now, let’s focus on pineapple’s side effects, first you need to make sure if your dog suffers from a pineapple food allergy, and this allergy has many symptoms like itching, diarrhea, vomiting, and ear infections.

So if you realize that your dog is suffering from these symptoms and if you believe that your dog is allergic to pineapples, stop feeding pineapple to your dog immediately, and contact your vet as soon as possible.

Can Dogs Eat Unripe Pineapple?

Dogs can eat pineapples

Moreover, it is important to be aware unripe pineapple can cause vomiting in your dogs. In addition to diarrhea, nausea, skin rash. , and be swelling around the oral area of your dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple’s Leaves?

Dogs eat pineapple

Also, dog owners need to consider that dogs are not allowed to eat pineapple’s leaves as they are toxic to dogs, also pineapple’s skin is very toxic to your dog and can lead to many serious health issues, and can damage your dog’s skin as well.

Can Dogs Eat Canned Pineapple?

Can dogs eat Pineapples

It’s important as well to ban your dog from consuming a canned pineapple as it contains loads of sugar, as the natural sugar content of pineapples is very high, and the sugary water that canned pineapple soaked in is too much.

So, as a general rule you need to consider the following:

  • Always start by washing the outside of the pineapple shell, then you need to remove the skin, then you need to consider cutting the pineapple into smaller pieces, as both small and large dogs don’t like to chew much, moreover, large pieces can cause choking in dogs and a blockage in the dog’s intestinal tract.
  • Before serving pineapple to your dog, ask your vet first, and your vet agreed, so you need to start with no more than 3 pieces of pineapple to see how your dog reacts towards it.
  • As serving pineapple to your dog should be. Don’t give more pineapple than one.
  • Done in moderation, also it is important to be aware of the fact that when it comes to fruit and vegetable, dogs diet on a daily level should be not higher of 10%, and serving pineapple to your furry four-legged friend should be as a treat between the meal or as a snack but not as a meal at all.
  • Avoid serving pineapple to your dogs in their first 12 weeks.
  • Last but not least, remember that whenever you serve your dog any types of fruits and vegetables, always make sure you monitor and watch them closely around the clock.

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