Is It Safe For Dogs To Eat Cherries?

Dogs And Cherries
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There is no doubt that dogs are the most loved furry pets in the world, and that’s why you can currently find a dog in every home, I know that owning and adopting a pet is one of the most enjoyable feeling you can ever feel, and that’s why there is a close relationship and strong bond between dogs and human beings.

As a pet owner, you’re probably always wondering about what foods are and aren’t appropriate to share with your pet, as dogs are always eating things, we always spot them heading to the counter trying to steal and grab something from your plate, it’s impossible to avoid the odd accident.

Can I Give My Dog Cherries?

Cherries FOr Dogs

So, imagine this situation: while you are enjoying yourself and having a plate of fruit salad, or enjoying a basket of fresh cherries, at this moment you will find your dog’s eyes are watching you and begging you to give it some cherries to try, and then your naughty furry four-legged friend managed to steal some cherries to try and taste, then you are going to wonder and ask yourself .. is it safe for my dog to share with my dogs some cherries? Is this okay or not?

Well, Cherries are tasty and juicy, they can as well serve as a healthy snack for humans, and that’s why. We stuff cherries in everything from pies, ice cream sundaes, fruit salad, cakes, along with, cheesecake to jams and dipping sauces.

So before serving any kind of foods to your dog as a treat, you should find out if it does have any effect on it, so in this article, we will take a look on the bond between cherries and dogs, and we are going to focus on and reveal many answers that are related to if is it okay to serve my dog cherries? , can dogs eat cherries? are cherries for dogs safe to consume? What are the health benefits of giving cherries to dogs and are there any side effects? … So keep reading, stay tuned and don’t miss this out xoxo.

Is It Okay To Serve My Dog Some Cherries or Not?

A short and clear answer is yes and no and maybe it depends, If the dog likes to eat cherries, this is perfectly fine; however, as you do so, you need to be very careful.

And now let’s know more and more about the benefits of cherries.

Benefits Of Cherries For Dogs


Cherries have a couple of health benefits. , as it is rich in both vitamins and essential minerals, cherries include vitamins of the B group, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, calcium,  in addition to Vitamin E, magnesium, Melatonin, iron, and Anthocyanin.

So, these high-quality ingredients which you can find in cherries are ideal for young dogs.  , as they support the construction of bones and teeth, moreover, the antioxidants reduce cell damage and help prevent diseases, in addition, Vitamin A helps promote eye health, Vitamin C improves and strengthens the immune system, and melatonin promotes healthy sleep patterns and heart health.

It is also important to know that cherries may help to prevent diabetes, can help reduce joint inflammation, in addition, cherries do a great job at regulating heart rhythm, they boost brain health, and improve the sleeping pattern of your dog.

And now, let’s move to the cherries dangers and risks.

Risks Of Cherries For Dogs

Dog Eat Cherries

Well, as a dog owner you need to consider watching and monitoring your dog, if you believe that it ate too much cherries,  so your dog may experience   any signs of mild intestinal distress like mild vomiting, soft stool to diarrhea and decreased appetite, and in this case your dog will need a rapid vet care, so it is advisable to contact your vet as soon as possible, your dog as well will need to induce vomiting, have an anti-biotic,  in addition, you need to   feed your dog a bland diet of boiled chicken and rice until the symptoms subside.

But, if your dog suffered from lethargy, weakness,  and if you found a cherry pit stuck in its GI tract, you need to take your dog to the emergency room immediately or any vet clinic or hospital as soon a possible.

Can I Feed My Dog Cherries Leaves or Seeds?

Dog owners need to consider as well that cherry pits, seeds, and leaves are toxic to dogs, as they contain cyanide, which is toxic and deadly not only to dogs but to humans as well.

Also, Cyanide poisoning prevents vital enzymes from transporting oxygen to blood cells, also dog’s owners should be aware of c cherry pits can cause obstructions and blockages, in addition to, giving cherries for dogs in large amount may result in your canine experiencing stomach upset, and Sugary foods like canned and processed cherries may cause blood sugar spikes, so never give your dog any form of cherry other than natural.

Cherries Is Good For Dogs

Serve Cherries

So , all in all, Although cherries are rich in nutrients, as there are many health benefits of cherries for dogs that may prevent cancer and diabetes, promote healthy sleep cycles and weight management, and allow better joint mobility inactive and older dogs, but they still are not the optimum source for such ingredients for dogs, You can feed your dog a small amount of , and Keep in mind that the only cherry flesh your dog is safe to eat, also always take cautions and feeds them unprocessed cherries.

Don’t forget as well to ask your vet before serving or introducing cherries to your dog, and once you took the permission from your vet, then you need to follow the rules which have mentioned above, also don’t forget that you should also keep an eye on your dog’s intake as this can have a detrimental and serious effect on their health, just like for humans.

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