Can Turkey Upset A Dog’s Stomach?

Can dogs eat Turkey
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Turkey who can resist eating turkey? well turkey is a popular meat and can be eaten in all sorts of different ways, you can spend hours roasting your turkey, you can find as well turkey sandwiches, turkey potpies, turkey casseroles, in addition to turkey’s and smoked turkey slices that can be stuffed in pizzas and pasta, also there are many and plenty of recipes to help you get creative with the leftovers of the tender white breast meat., and that’s why there isn’t a piece of the turkey that isn’t dripping in deliciousness.

Turkey Always on Thanksgiving Table

Can dogs eat Turkey

Moreover, turkey is always connected with thanksgiving, as you will always find the turkey to be the centerpiece of the table, so a thanksgiving is only about the bird the turkey, but this is about us human or so-called two-legged folks, but what about our loved ones, our furry four-legged friends and family members?, as a dog owner, during Thanksgiving you may find your dog is hovering around with hopeful eyes which are begging you to give it a small bite of this juicy tasty turkey meat, then! One question will always come up into your mind, which is: Should you feed turkey to your dog?. Or, it is okay to make up a plate of turkey or not?.

For most pet-lovers and pet owners, the dog is as much a member of the family as any of the parents or children that’s why we need to think a lot before introducing and serving any kind of food to our furry pets, that’s why we need to consider the health benefits, dangers, and risks of any kinds of human food before start feeding it.

So in this article we will talk about the connection between turkey and dogs, we will reveal more about if is it safe to feed our dogs turkey or not?, in addition to the health benefits of feeding turkey to dogs, along with the risks and danger of turkey.. so keep reading and stay tuned.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

Dog eat turkey

Okay so the answer may be a little bit complicated, as it can be yes and no, but it is important to consider that Turkey is not toxic to dogs. It is well as considered to be an ingredient in many commercial dog foods.

So now, let’s move on to know the health benefits of turkey

The Benefits Of Turkey For Your Dog

Can dog eat

If you feed your dog lean turkey and lean here means turkey without the skin and with the bones removed), so this will provide your beloved dog with many health benefits, as it is high in protein which is essential for metabolic process,  in addition to building muscles.

Moreover, this means contains no carbohydrates, in addition, it is filled also with digestive protein that can boost your dog digestive system and prevent any kind of gastrointestinal problems.

We need to consider also that Riboflavin which is found in turkey will help in producing energy in cells and prevent bladder stone formation.

Turkey as well is filled with Vitamin B6, B12, in addition to Zinc, omega 3, fatty acids, along with niacin, and choline.

Then, let’s focus on the dangers and risks of feeding your dog turkey.

Risks Of Turkey For Dogs

Turkey Risks

First , we need to be aware that overfeeding dogs turkey can lead to many serious health issues, like depression- diarrhea- in addition to, vomiting, drastically decreased appetite, and bloating, which can be very serious in dogs and can often be deadly if not treated immediately, so if you watched these symptoms and believed that your dog ate too much turkey, you need to contact your vet as soon as possible.

We need to consider that overeating turkey can also lead to acute pancreatitis in dogs, and its symptoms are loss of appetite, vomiting, and abdominal pain. In addition to swollen abdomen, abnormal posture, along with diarrhea, lethargy, restlessness, and gagging.

Moreover, some dogs may also have an allergic reaction to turkey. And this may lead to some issues including scratching, hair loss, paw biting, skin rashes, and vomit

We need to consider as well that eating turkey’s bones can lead to tongue injuries and a bloody mouth, and they can become stuck around your dog’s lower jaw, and only a veterinarian can remove them, in addition to constipation.

And now let’s reveal some tips and rules regarding dogs and turkey:

Tips About Turkey Feeding To Your Dog

You need to feed your dog only plain turkey without adding and kinds of fat, seasonings, onions, and garlic, as these may be very toxic to your dog.

For the healthiest choice, make sure it’s the “lean” meat – , so skip the skin and only feed your dog white meat, with excess fat and skin removed.

Avoid giving your dog turkey’s bones, as it is very dangerous to your dog, but if you believed that your dog ate some bones, you need to start by checking for throat and choking issues. , but if your dog started gagging, retching, or pacing anxiously, you need to call your vet as soon as possible.

You need to make sure that the turkey meat that you served to your furry dog is totally cooked, we need to be aware that undercooked turkey is not good at all, as it may harbor salmonella because the internal temperature of the meat was never raised to the point at which bacteria are killed.

You need to serve and feed your dog turkey meat in small quantities and in moderation, so don’t serve turkey meat on a regular basis.

So the last thought: dogs and turkey

Yes dogs can eat turkey

, but only lean white meat, so skip bones, skin, and fats, and avoid adding any kinds of fats, seasonings, herbs, and remember that the meat should be cooked

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